Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gil Elvgren 1960s pinup girls #1

Pinup girl cooking dinner elvgren art 1960s
Honey, Dinners Ready
 Gil Elvgren may be one of the best pinup artists of all time.  He was really active from the 1940's-1960s, while also doing some pinup girl artwork up to the point not long before his death in 1980.  This series is Just a sampling of some of the very best of Elvgren's artwork from the 1960s. From beautiful women doing auto repair to cute moments of gorgeous pinup girls on the telephone Elvgren always seems to managed to find ways to put beautiful women in positions where they are both sexy, cute and still maintain an air of innocence and a demure nature. This is part of what makes Elvgren artwork such a popular and trendsetting artwork even three decades after his death. Enjoy some of the great 1960s Elvgren artwork below the fold

Elvgren art girl repairing car

Pinup beauty queen Elvgren art 1960s

Pinup girl cowgirl

Pin up girl on the phone Elvgren art 1960s

Pin up girl Genie

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